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[ Stillnotes ] 11 — Resting on the Skagit River

Published over 1 year ago • 1 min read

01 » Skagit River Rest Stop

These types of photos I call photographers photos. I doubt this image will do much for the masses, but its the type of image that photographers tend to drift towards. Small settings, liminal spaces, specific scenes... something that visually just catches us in a way it doesn't catch someone not open to it.

That's all photography really is, isn't it? Especially travel photography or any type of unplanned photos. It's being open to whats in front of you and making something of it.

A worn and weathered fence along the Skagit River, warm light at 1pm from wildfire smoke, it doesn't take much to find a delightful scene. A moment in time along the way to a bigger spectacle in the Cascades.

I captured this one on film too, we'll see how it rendered on medium format. I'll follow up once I get my scans if there's anything interesting to share.

Thanks for looking! Remember to pay attention along the way.


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